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All it takes is Commitment, Application and a little Time.


The Oxford Pocket Dictionary defines stress as ‘Pressure tensions; compulsions; demand on physical or mental energy.’ Stress comes when you’re subjected to too many inputs at any one time. Too many demands for action – physical and/or mental. The symptoms include tiredness, headaches, stomach cramps and palpitations, to cite but a few. If you don’t get to grips with the situation fast, prolonged stress can lead to nervous breakdown, heart-attack and, in extremis, even death. Work is a major cause of stress. Much of the time, stressful situations come into being because of something in our physiological/psychological make-up and outside influences. Quite simply, much of the time, it isn’t our fault.

The Challenge


However, a lot of the time, stress is down to our lifestyle. All work and no play, with no respite betwixt the two. “Work hard, play hard” as the saying goes. Straight from a hard day in the office, into the gym and then down to the bar or wherever, maybe grabbing some fast food along the way. One notable absence: stillness; mental or physical. This non-stop action bodes ill. If you “relax” by being busy doing something else, you’re not relaxing. Filling your “down time” will not alleviate the stress. That’s not to say you can’t be active and indulge yourself with your hobbies, just that you need to learn to relax in order to counteract stress. Believe it or not, relaxation takes time and (passive) effort, not to mention practice. But then again, if you can’t give time to yourself, to whom can you give it?

The Solution


And so to stillness. Relaxing is an act of stilling the body to still the mind. To calm both down. A sort of ‘calm time scenario’. Giving yourself time to be still and to think, and so regain a True and Correct Perspective of your situation. Try closing your eyes for sixty seconds. I’d tend to think you’d open them inside thirty seconds, if not less. Perhaps not those of a particular mental discipline, experience. Time can seem a long time at times.

Being Still With Mind's Flight

When giving yourself a MIND’S FLIGHT, and through that, experience MindTime, it is best to keep a clock by you, so you can keep a track of real time. When you go ‘in’ and when you come ‘out’ (of the ‘Flight’). Also, of course, to really know how much time you gave yourself in the relaxed state. Any health centre worthy of the name, will offer classes in such techniques as Yoga, Transcendental Meditation and other tried, tested and proven ways to attain a stillness and so relax both body and mind. However, if you wish to do it alone, in the privacy of your own abode, and by the minimum demand on your physical and mental energy, I’d suggest you give MIND’S FLIGHT a try.


Please Note: Take time and care with these exercises. Treat your mind with due care and respect. Remember: DUTY OF CARE. Finally, unless you’re a qualified, insured/indemnified Therapist, experienced in Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy, DON’T EVER DO THESE EXERCISES ON ANOTHER PERSON.


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