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'I felt the paradox of being ‘deep’ whilst being aware
of the ‘surface’ at one and the same time’.

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Author’s ‘FLIGHT’ My name is Peter Thomson. I’m a Therapist/Counsellor. Have been for almost thirty years. In late January of 2006, I was working with a Client who had a particular concern. After doing a few sessions with the Client on the couch, I then did one with them in a chair. I said something like ‘Just sit upright and be still’. In that moment, something a tutor had said to me years before, came into my mind: ‘Be still …. and know thyself’. He was a Psychologist working out of Harley Street, teaching Hypnotherapy. He had been talking about relaxing, calming a Client down, etc. To cut a short story shorter, sitting upright and perfectly still in a straight-backed chair, enables one to feel, experience what real, Deep Relaxation means – physically. It’s beautiful, ‘somethin’ else again’ (as the Americans might say). It was from this time I began to formulate a structure, eventually giving it the title MIND’S FLIGHT, and those that took the ‘FLIGHT’ ‘Journeymen’ (or women, of course). Any qualified/experienced Therapist taking someone through such a ‘Flight’ would, in fact, be performing Hypnosis (the act of Induction). Someone taking themselves into ‘Flight’ would, in fact, be performing Self-Hypnosis. This, in reality, by any other name, is what MIND’S FLIGHT is. I believe everyone should be shown the way to achieving such a superb state of true Relaxation and realising a truly “quiet mind”. The means of delivering Deep Relaxation and Clear Focussed Thinking is simplicity itself, and is explained in clear, simple terms in the ‘Technique’ field. Just click on that to find out what it’s all about. And that is essentially it. When YOU have taken a few ‘FLIGHTS’ and also believe the experience to truly be ‘somethin’ else!’, don’t tell us – TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Happy ‘flying’. PETER THOMSON, MBRCP(Hypno/Couns.), MBAC&P, Ad.Dip.Couns. Author/Principal Guide MIND’S FLIGHT THERE’S MORE TO YOUR MIND THAN MEETS YOUR EYE! www.natureworks.net Books by Peter William Thompson

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